Restaurant Menu

Coffees - Beverages
  • Frappe 3,50€
  • Espresso 2,00€
  • Freddo espresso 3,50€
  • Cappuccino 3,50€
  • Freddo Cappuccino 3,50€
  • Greek Coffee 2,00€
  • Ice tea peach / lemon 3,5€
  • Juice – various flavors 3,00€
Cold Appetizers
  • Tzatziki Black & White 5,00€
  • Βlack Taramas with black garlic and fresh sepia (cuttlefish ink pigment) 7,00€
  • Octapus with vinegar 8,00€
  • Greek Feta with extra virgin olive oil and oregano 6,00€
  • Caviar of porto bello mushrooms 8,00€
  • Salmon Tartare with fresh herbs 10,00€
Ouzo Appetizers
  • Smocked Mackerel with dehydrated onions and rosemary oil 13,00€
  • Lacquer 7,5€
  • Anchovies 5,00€
Hot Appetizers
  • Feta in the oven with dehydrated onions, sun-dried tomatoes, Florina pepper, chili and virgin olive oil 9,00€
  • Fried Cretan Gruyere cheese 7,00€
  • Spinach cooked with goat cheese, fresh onion and black garlic11,00€
  • Grilled Sardine 8,00€
  • Fried Anchovy 7,00€
  • Anchovy with spicy red sauce, raisins and goat cheese 12,00€
  • Grilled Octapus 18,00€
  • Fried Squid 12,00€
  • Steamed Mussels 12,00€
  • Baked feta cooked with Shrimps 14,00€
  • Spiaggia Bianca Goat cheese in a crust of nuts, honey, fig and cinnamon 11,00€
  • Grilled Scallops with lime and virgin olive oil with thyme aroma 13,00€
  • Shrimp Roll 14,00€
  • Mediterranean 9,5€
    Small Breads, toasts, butter, jam, nutella, honey, cheese, ham, cake, fruits, yogurt
  • English 10,00€
    Small Breads, toasts, butter, jam, cereals, fried eggs, bacon
  • American 11,00€
    Small breads, toasts, butter, jam, eggs omelette, boiled sausages
  • Greek Salad 9,00€
  • Citrus Salad 11,00€
    (Green salad, onion, pomegranate, parsley, kumquat, crab flesh, caramelized tomatoes and pomegranate balsamic)
  • Spiaggia Bianca Salad with Rib-eye 18,00€
    (Tagliata Rib-eye, wild rocket, roasted peanuts, caramelized tomatoes, mustard-honey vinaigrette)
  • Caprese 12,00€
    (Mozzarella, tomato, basil sauce)
  • Cheese Variety 16,00€
Pasta/ Risotto
  • Lobster Pasta (per kilo)
  • Shrimp Pasta 22,00€
  • Veggies Vegan Pasta 13,00€
  • Pasta with Salmon, fresh rose sauce with vodka and basil 18,00€
  • Seafood Risotto 24,00€
Grilled Fishes
  • Farmed Sea bream portion 22,00€
  • Farmed Sea bass portion 24,00€
  • Sea bream per kilo
  • Sea bass per kilo
  • Croaker per kilo
  • Salmon per kilo
  • Tuna per kilo
  • Grilled Shrimps per kilo
  • Grilled Lobster per kilo
  • Seafood Variety for 2 persons
Side Dishes
  • Beetroot puree
  • Garlic dip with walnuts
  • Boiled greens
  • Spinach
Main Meat
  • Rib-eye Steak 300g 27,5€
Chef’s Recomendations
  • Fish in Salt Crust Spiaggia Bianca per kilo
  • Sea bream Millefeuille 23,00€
  • Modern Corfian Bourdeto19,00€
  • Modern Corfian Bianco 19,00€
  • Chocolate Pie 6,00€
  • Tiramisu 6,00€
  • Banoffee 6,00€
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruits 10€
Ice cream
  • Special Ice-cream 10€
    (Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cream, biscuits, syrup, truffle, whipped cream and nuts)
  • Spiaggia Bianca Ice-cream 12€
    (Sponge cake, yogurt, walnuts, honey syrup, forest fruits, whipped cream)
Ouzo/ Tsipouro

Ouzo 250ml

  • Ούζο Βαντάνα 12,00€
  • Ούζο Πλωμαρίου 12,00€
  • Ούζο Παπατζίμ 14,00€

Tsipouro 250ml

  • Τσίπουρο Βαντάνα 12,00€
  • Τσίπουρο Τσιλιλή 12,00€
  • Τσίπουρο Ηδωνικό 14,00€
  • Corfù Beer – Ionian Pilsner 5,00€
  • Corfù Beer – Special Red 5,00€
  • Μythos 3,00€
  • Estrella Damm Inedit 5,00€
  • Corona 5,00€
  • Αmstel Radler 3,00€
  • Warsteiner 5,00€
  • Apple cider VOL 4.5% 5,00€
  • Ginger Beer 4,00€
Greek Soft Drinks
  • Cola Loux 3,00€
  • Orangeade Loux 3,00€
  • Lemonade Loux 3,00€
  • Sour Cherry Loux 3,00€
  • Soda Loux 3,00€
  • Lemon Soda Loux 3,00€
  • Tonic water 3,00€
  • Aegean Tonic 4,00€
  • Lemon Tonic 4,00€
  • Pink Grapefruit Soda 4,00€
  • Prosecco Santa Margherita di Voldobiadene Dry 750 ml 35,00€
  • Prosecco Zonnin 1821 Brut 750 ml 28,00€
  • Prosecco Zonnin 1821 Brut 200 ml 10,00€
  • Amyntaio Rose demi sec 750 ml 20,00€
  • Bollinger Brut 750 ml 150,00€
  • Moet Rose 750 ml 130,00€
White Wines

Alpha Estate Malagouzia P.G.I Aminteo Florina
Brilliantly, light yellow in color with greenish tints. Strong and lively nose, suggesting rose petal with floral aromas and sweet spices, melon, litchi with a note of hone ysuckle. Round and mellow on the palate, fat but balanced, high in alcohol with plenty of finesse. Well structured, reminding the nose aromas with a hint of rosemary. A richly textured wine with superb length and balance

Karipidi Estate Sauvignon blac (BIO) Vounaina Larisa Thessaly
Βright sub-yellow colour with green hues. A complex aromatic palette in which the vegetal characters of asparagus and pepper coexist with notes of ripe fruit (melon, peach, pineapple). Rich, it distinguishes for its cool acidity, fattiness, complex taste and persisting, fruity aftertaste.

Pontiglio Kakotrigis, Lefkimmi, Corfu
Υellow with a hint of gr een in the glass, light bodied and fresh, medium acidity, fruits are crust, green apple, star fruit, white blossom notes, medium long finish

Biblia Chora White, Sauvignon Blanc – Asyr tiko PGI, Paggaio Kavala
Α wine with intensely fruity aromas reminiscent of exotic fruits, peach and citrus. The taste is rich, refreshing with excellent balance, pleasant acidity and great aromatic aftertaste.

Pinot Grigio Friuli, Zonin
Appealing straw-yellow color green with delicate reflections. Delicately fruity, relatively full and ample with an ensemble of ar omas of great finesse. Lightly dry yet extremely fresh

Sigala Santorini, Asyrtiko, Santorini, Aegean
Straw blonde colour, with light shades of green and a subtle nose of citrus fruit. Excellent structure with a depth of fla vor and an acidity which brings the fla vors to the fore and adds freshness, with a lasting after-taste. Has the characteristic mineral taste -typical of the variety and the soil of Santorini- at its very best

Gerovasiliou Chardonnay P.G.I Epanomi, Thessalokiki
Bright yellow-gold with a rich mouthfeel, honeyed texture and citrusy scents on a background of smoke and dried nuts. It has a full, rich, complex taste

Chablis Albert Bichot. (Chardonnay) Domaine Long Depaquit, Chablis

Biblia Chora, Ovilos
Reminiscent of top white Bordeaux from Graves, Ovilos is an outstanding barrel-fermented blend of Semillon and Assyrtiko grapes, with layers of complexity, spicy fruitiness and long ageing potential.

Corfiot bulk wine

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon Papaioannou (ΒΙΟ) Nemea/ Peloponnese
The complex aroma of red fruits, spices, cedar, cocoas and vanilla characterize it. Its taste is rich with noble tannins.

Chateau Julia Merlot Lazaridh
Solid, deep red.. Redcurrant, cherry jam, mint chocolate, ink and cedar Fleshy, rich, almost plethoric, with abundant fruit supporting the well integrated tannins. The high alcohol is balanced by the acidity and expressed mainly as sweetness and volume. Long finish with notes of chocolate

Cyrus One, La tour Melas , Caber n. Franc-Merlot- Αgiorgitiko , Ahinos, Fthiotida
A more affordable expression of the varieties of the right bank of Bor deaux with plum, sweet spices, already accessible tannins and a beautiful feeling of freshness in the mouth.

Avaton, Gerovasiliou Estate, Limnio – Mavrotragano – Mavroudi, Epanomi
Velvety, strong and crunchy. Red and black fruits, spices, herbs and ground notes are just some of the aromas and flavors that come out of the first sip

Corfiot Red bulk wine

Rose Wines

Amethystos Rosé ,Lazaridi Cabernet Sauvignon- Merlot PGI Drama
Crystal bright, deep rosy colour. Expressive aromatic presence in tones of redcurrant and strawberry candy.Lively at first contact, it then reveals a model combination of richness and acidity, completed by the long fruity finish

Cabernet d’Anjou rose Cabernet Franc, Langlois-Chateau
Light and elegant semi-dry rosé from the Valley of Ligira. Distinctive in all its flavors, and in its spicy aroma but also in its light sweetness. It looks cool and fresh

Whispering Angel – Rose , Grenache- Mourverde- Syrah , d’ Esclans Provence
It is fresh and lively, with a beautiful aromatic character that refers to strawberries and wildflowers, with strong acidity that quenches thirst and refreshes.

Donain Merlot Rose Lαzaridi
Exceptionally bright and a light colour between light rosy and salmon. Lively nose reminiscent primarily of red fruit like strawberry and cherry Elegance and finesse with a r efreshing acidity which balances the alcohol creating a sense of harmony rounded up with a pleasant fruity finish

Corfiot bulk rose wine

WINES 187ml

Strofilia White Wine | Roditis, Savatiano, Saunignon blanc

Strofilia Rose Wine | St.George, Cabernet Sauvignon

Strofilia Red Wine | St.George, Syrah

Oreinos Ilios White Wine, Semeli | Sauvignon, Moschofilero

Oreinos Ilios RoseWine, Semeli | St.George

Oreinos Ilios Red Wine, Semeli | St.George, Syrah

  • The prices include all legal charges.
  • Regarding the products which are sold by the kilo (e.g. fish fillet) please refer to us for the exact weight of the portion.
  • In case you are allergic to any ingredient, please inform your waiter/waitress.
  • The raw materials arrive daily from carefully selected suppliers. Sometimes the frozen products exhibit quality, safety and flavors superior to fresh products, and only in these cases do we use the frozen products.
  • Our restaurant has taken all the necessary measures to protect you according to the instructions of the Greek government.
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